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Build your Brand
With ample opportunities to interact and showcase your skill set on various platforms.
Leadership & Management Skills
No better way to enhance your leadership skills than by being the guiding light to someone in need.
Domain Knowledge
Teach someone and you equally reinforce your domain knowledge!
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Be a part of someone's growth. Are you ready to take the RESPONSIBILITY?

What is required from You?
Show Commitment & facilitate aspirant's growth
Be unbiased and respectful
Listen empathetically
Focus on the aspirant's objective
Provide Constructive feedback
Maintain Confidentiality
Get Rewarded
With our perks & special events to monetize on your expertise
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How does this work?

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Step 1 : Fill in your details using the "Apply Now" form.
Step 2: MentoJet contacts you for screening and evaluation of fitment.
Step 3: Upon successful onboarding, MentoJet gets in touch with you for every request that matches your expertise.
Step 4: All relevant details along with suitable slots are discussed prior to scheduling the session. All sessions are conducted virtually over Google Meet, unless communicated otherwise.
Step 5: Take the session and be a part of your mentee's success story!
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